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The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 8 / Tellison - Freud Links The Teeth And The Heart / Digital Download

Family Records Singles Club
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FR-060 / The Family Records Singles Club - Vol. 8 / Tellison - Freud Links The Teeth And The Heart


Written by Tellison. 
Lyrics by Stephen H Davidson. 
Produced by Peter Miles. 
Henry Danowski - Drums, Keys
SH Davidson - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Phillips - Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Tickell - Bass, Vocals
Luke Leighfield - Extra Keys

Toothache is awful. It hurts your brain and your body and you can't think or eat or sleep. People's hearts can hurt in that same way. Back in the late 2000s I was having a lot of trouble with toothache. Like so much of the stuff that goes on in our band "Freud Links the Teeth and the Heart" started life as part joke and part hopeful little prospect, just a one minute exercise in fingerpicking coupled with something like a poem about toothache, heartache, misunderstood, misquoted psycho-analysis and a girl from France. One Christmas Eve I recorded demos of both "Freud..." and "Edith" in my parent's basement on an acoustic guitar with the sound of my dad walking around upstairs. Later I used to play "Freud..." in the practice room between rehearsing actual Tellison songs and, over the weeks and months, it turned into a sort of Paul Simon-influenced quiet little song that we all secretly liked and was one of the first names on the list when we were putting together "The Wages Of Fear". Freud never really linked the teeth and heart. But the title works well and somehow gives an, albeit false, authority to the whole thing. The number of dentists and people who work for dentists that have come up to me about the song is kind of astounding. Maybe I'll ask the next person if they'll help me fix my aching teeth.

The cover art was designed by Jose and Edwin of ILoveMisery
Photo by Ana Cabaleiro.