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The Build

Matt Singer
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FR-070 (04/24/12) / Digital Download

Liner Notes
Matt Singer's album, “The Build,” is a new beginning, tracing his personal journey from inhibition and doubt to exuberant exploration of the possibilities that abound.

The stage is set with the rising drone of a guitar on “One.” A whistle breaks through with sweet and mournful melody. The gritty electric hum outlasts the whistle and melts into a solitary brooding note, which kicks into “VHS,” a song of love lost and one last flirtation with a thing that must go. The frown turns to a pained smirk with a bouncy reflection on self as damaged goods. Chalk it up to growing up with “Much too Much” information. Spring forward, reach out to someone else, and attempt to conjure the courage it takes to begin a “Conversation.” There is hope that someone else might want the same. Then again, it also takes courage to walk away from not-so-perfect “Perfect Lawns.”

The whistle returns, this time playful as a child, who is untarnished by the world. Bask in a buzzy glow and take delight in “All This Joy.” Fueled by transformation, give something back to others. Start with a friend. Encourage her not to give in to the meanness of people and instead to sing her “Favorite Song.” Find your lover. Make yourself vulnerable and know it!s worth the risk to go anywhere with her: a beach, or a dream, “Or Wherever.” Next, reach out to a former enemy and help lift the chippy chippy “Chip” off her shoulder. Look back to yourself. Be defined by one noun, one “Verb” - Love.

Produced, engineered and mixed by Andy Baldwin at Rola Pola Studios

Executive produced by Matt Singer and Wesley Verhoeve

All songs written by Matt Singer except for “Conversation,” written by Matt Singer and Vanessa Reseland and “Perfect Lawns,” written by Matt Singer and Wynn Walent

Dan Jeselsohn (Upright bass), Taylor Floreth (Drums), Rob Kovacs (Piano, Keyboard, Rhodes and Glockenspiel), Gene Back (Violin), Jim Altieri (Accordion), Sam Merrick (Percussion), Patrick Hay (Electric Guitar)

Featuring Paul Basile (Ebo on “One”), Jim Altieri (Rhodes on “VHS” and “Favorite Song”), Kate Smith (Vocals on “Conversation” and “Favorite Song,” Glockenspiel on “VHS” and “Chip”), Jocelyn Mackenzie (Vocals on “Perfect Lawns”), Ryan Hobler (Vocals on “Perfect Lawns”), Casey Shea (Vocals on “Or Wherever”), Emily Hope Price (Vocals on “Chip”), Andy Baldwin (Vocals on “All This Joy”)