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Julia & The Doogans - Those Things EP

Julia & The Doogans
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FR-078 (07/17/12) / Digital Download

Note: The first 20 people to order the full EP get a beautiful photograph of majestic Scotland, taken by Julia herself. 

A lot of the songs I write are about falling in and out of love but 'Bound' is a bit more sinister. Although it doesn't necessarily come across, I wanted to write something a bit creepy. It's exploring a love that is all consuming. You can't ever let go of it and it changes you forever. I really like the fact that it mentions bones breaking and drowning but the band manage to dress it up and make it sound pretty and delicate. It's intense and fragile all at once.

'Those Things' is complete infatuation in song form. I am obsessed with documenting the emotions people go through when they like someone. I spend a lot of time watching how others act and listening to what they say. One of my favourite things about infatuation is that it can be a complete mystery. There's not always a really obvious reason for it. More often than not, it's the ordinary things a person does that makes them extraordinary to someone else.

'Down The Line' is a friendship song. It has a really simple message: no matter what happens in life, I'll be there. Take your time. 'I am on your side.

      All songs written by Julia Doogan
      Produced by James Duffin

      Music performed by Julia Doogan (Vocals/Guitar)
      Renata Pilikinaite (Cello)
      Jennifer Hamilton (Piano) 
      Alice Crook (Flute)
      • Julia & The Doogans - Those Things EP
      • Julia & The Doogans - Those Things EP
      • Julia & The Doogans - Those Things EP