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CA TX NY Vol. 1 (EP)

Elliott, Rose, da Costa
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Concerning the Lincoln and Douglas Debates or Love Found Lost $0.99 Add To Cart
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FR-081 (12/21/12) / Digital Download

Track Listing & Credits:
1. Time Got Away (Elliott)
2. Note (da Costa)
3. King's Flashlight (Rose)
4. Spent (da Costa)
5. Concerning The Lincoln and Douglas Debates or Love Found Lost (Elliott)
6. Your Neighbor's Trampoline (Rose)

John Elliott - vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar, hand claps, autoharp
Raina Rose - vocals, acoustic guitar
Anthony da Costa - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar, 
tiple, hand claps
Andrew Pressman - bass

Additional musicians:
Griffin Goldsmith - drums & percussion
Blake Mills - electric guitar, tiple
Tony Berg - electric guitar, tiple
Shawn Everett - electric guitar

Engineered by Leonel & the cat at Berkeley Street Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
Additional engineering by Shawn Everett at Zeitgeist Studios (Los Angeles, CA)
Mixed by Shawn Everett and Tony Berg at Zeitgeist Studios
Artwork and Design by Kristine Thune

-Thanks Bruce-
Elliott, Rose, da Costa (and Pressman) would like to thank our biological families, the folk family, the Austin family and the Family Records. We would also like to thank Tony & Carrie Berg, Hans Veldhuizen, Wesley Verhoeve, Phil Collins, the Oehler-Gaunts, Stu & Les, Danny Schmidt & Carrie Elkin (Schmelkin) Sara Terry & Henry Jacobson of the FOLK documentary and Folk Alliance International as well as the Kerrville Folk Festival & the Fayetteville Roots Festival. Elliott, Rose, da Costa (and Pressman) wish they were trains. Time is an illusion.